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We create awareness and believe in a positive image of newcomers and people with refugee backgrounds.

We are a creative collective & on- and offline art platform, working with newcomers and people with a refugee background in the Netherlands.


Gevluchte Kunst is founded by 4 students in 2021. When Hasan shared his story with us, we were so touched that this became our motivation. Hasan fled in 2015 from Iraq to Holland but is now fully integrated. He has come a long way to get where he is today, and he is not the only one. He felt alone, did not speak the language and could not come in contact with others in the country. 

Our main goal is that we want to give a voice to newcomers or people with a refugee background. We want there to be a place where they can show their talent to the rest of the world. We want to be that place. In this way, we hope to create a connection between newcomers and the rest of the Netherlands.


We have the feeling that the media only shows this group as a problem and not as people who can contribute to our society. People mostly forget that they also built their lives in their home country, did the study or had a job. This group of people are often seen as "fortune seekers" because they left their unsafe country. They didn’t choose to leave everything behind. And most of all, we saw that people just want a little bit of help to feel welcome and build up their lives in Holland. The media framed their stories, although they don’t know anything about it. We counter the prejudices about this group of people by giving them a place where they can make their voices heard. 


By buying our products, you help us achieve our mission and vision. By creating awareness, we work together towards one goal: creating a positive image of newcomers and status holders. In this way, you support our story and thus also the people who work with Gevluchte Kunst. We put the proceeds back into Gevluchte Kunst, making the road to our mission and vision shorter and shorter. 

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